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01. Fsociety

Fsociety was created to provide fans fandom merchandise at high quality and lower cost. Fsociety is Aiming to become a worldwide franchise with walk-in stores to bring fans of games, movies, series and other hobby enthuses together.

02. Our Designs

Fsociety’s merchandise designs are inspired by Games, Movies, Series, and other hobbies. Our designers have the fans at heart when creating designs to be able to give them what they want. 

03. Product Production

All of Fsociety’s Products are made in-house with our 3D printers, embroidery machines, and heat press machines. 

04. Our Values & Principles

Fsociety strives to give the best service and quality to both our employees and customers. 

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3D Printing 

Our 3D printed products are printed for quality. 

Heat Pressed

Our heat-pressed products are heat pressed with quality material.


Our embroidered products are embroidered for quality. No more wash & tear or wear & tear.

Pricing & Quality

Fsociety offers quality products for less. 

Online Shopping

A fast and reliable way to get everything you are looking for in one place.


You can count on our next day delivery service in areas in Johannesburg. For International and areas around Johannesburg, shipping times may differ.

Quality Products

Our products are made to give our customers the quality they have been wanting.

Reasonable Price

Our prices are calculated in a way where we can offer our customers quality at an affordable price.


Payments can be done via Direct bank transfer, PayFast, and PayPal.

Best Support

Our team is excited to hear any quires they can provide answers to and provide support where needed.

Welcome To PetSociety


PetSociety was created to help those who don’t have a voice but need to be heard. PetSociety offers a blog to share updates about re-homed animals, events and finding new homes for animals. PetSociety also offers pet-related products which the profits of those products will be given to animals in need.

Our Goal

PetSociety’s goal is to gather money to give to animals who need it and to better the animal shelters. PetSociety will also be taking animals from harsh, unloving environments and finding them a home where they can have a future filled with the love they deserve.

Product Profits

The profits from all PetSociety products sold will be given to animal shelters for food, toys, treats and medical care. The Profits will also provide the financial benefit to re-locate animals to new homes and events to spread awareness, and gain more helpers.


Coming Soon To PetSociety.

PetSociety welcomes any donations no matter how small, to contribute to the welfare of animals. Keep in mind that the smallest donation may not seem much to you but it means everything to those who need it. 


If you would Like to find out more about PetSociety, or visit our shop, or to read our blog, please follow the links below.

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Our Family

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